DHCP Server


The DHCP server in flexiWAN provides IP address, default gateway and DNS to client devices connected to it. DHCP server can be enabled per interface. By default, DHCP is not enabled on any interface.

DHCP server configuration can be found in device settings, under the “DHCP” tab.

Configuring DHCP

Navigate to Inventory > Devices. Click on the device name for device settings, then click on the DHCP tab.

DHCP settings

Click Add DHCP button to configure and apply new DHCP settings.

Select the interface on which you want to enable DHCP server and choose the IP ranges you wish to assign. For client DNS resolution, fill in your DNS servers. It is possible to add static assignments at this step or later. Static assignments are covered in the section below.


After configuring and addign DHCP, click on Update device to update the flexiEdge device with the newly configured DHCP settings. A job is sent to the flexiEdge device to provision it. Wait for the job to complete to make sure the configuration is applied.

At this point, DHCP server is configured on the selected interface. The configuration will be executed only when the router is running and clients will get DHCP lease. Depending on the device status, you may need to request DHCP lease or renew network configuration on the client.

DHCP configured

Static Assignments

To configure “Static Assignments”, click on the “+” icon. Enter the device host name, MAC address and the IP address you which to assign. Once ready, click “Add Assigniment”. After adding all static assignments, make sure to click “Apply/Update DHCP”.

Add static IP

The assignment has been created and the device should receive the configured IP. This and all other static assignments can always be viewed on this page. Click on the DHCP row to see the static assignments details.

Add static IP

Updating existing DHCP settings

The DHCP settings can be edited by clicking on yellow gear icon labeled “Update DHCP” in the “Actions” column on the DHCP server page. Edit the DHCP settings and click on “Update DHCP” to update the changes to the device.

Update DHCP

Removing DHCP settings

To delete DHCP settings for an interface, click the delete button in Actions column, afterwards click on Update device.

Remove DHCP


The DHCP server configuration can be viewed in:


More details about DHCP requests and leases can be viewed by executing the following command on flexiEdge device:

sudo systemctl status isc-dhcp-server

Where the output will show dhcpd log.

dhcpd log