Device Replacement

Every device’s configuration is securely stored in flexiManage, and as long as the device remains present in the system, its original configuration can be transferred to a new flexiEdge device. In scenarios involving hardware failures or situations where an existing flexiEdge device is no longer operational, it’s possible to restore the configuration from an existing device onto a new one with just a few simple steps.

It’s important to note that the device restore feature is employed when the original device is no longer accessible or operational, and you need to recover its configuration onto a new device. This restore feature ensures that all device settings, including interface configurations, Path Labels, static routes, and every other device-specific configuration available in flexiManage, are retained.

Below, you’ll find the procedure for restoring the configuration. However, before initiating the restoration process, please ensure you have followed the standard installation and post-installation steps for the replacement device. Specifically, after installing flexiWAN on the new or replacement device, remember to run the system checker and input the token as part of the setup process.


When restoring the old configuration to a new device, devices must have identical number of interfaces.


Device Replacement requires a new device in order to restore existing configuration to it. In case of restoring to the same physical device, use Device Recovery instead.

In case the original device is no longer available and now shows as offline in flexiManage, its configuration can be restored to a new device. In this example, device Ottawa is no longer connected to flexiManage.

Device not connected

After installing flexiWAN on new device and adding the token, it’s available in flexiManage and ready to replace the disconnected one.

New device connected

Select the old from which you wish to restore and the new device on which the configuration will be restored.

Device selection

Following the usual flexiManage flow, click on the Actions button and from it click on Replace Device.

Replacing device 1

On the following pop-up confirm which device is the device being replaced and which device is the replacement device. In this example, Ottawa device is old and new device is not yet named. Lastly, approve the original device deletion after which the new device will have the settings and name from the original device.

Final approval

That’s it, flexiEdge device has been restored. the new device will now appear as connected and in not running state. Please make sure to verify all configuration is correct before starting vRouter.