AI Based Network Healing


AI Based Network Healing monitors devices and tunnel stability for network failures, routing issues and public IP / port changes. The system gets various network events and make corrections / recommendations according to those events. This functionality powers several flexiWAN features such as Quality Based Routing, tunnels and monitoring.

Specifically, AI Network Healing can detect and fix:

  • Routing issues related to network failures

  • IP or port changes

  • Based on detected anomalies, the AI based algorithms recommends configuration changes to optimize network and device stability

  • Trigger notifications for network issues

AI Network Healing complements NAT traversal and STUN functionalities in flexiWAN, in order to improve stability. Its purpose is to prevent downtime with repeated tunnel reconstruction which may happen when high rate of public IP / ports changes is detected by STUN mechanism.

Tunnel AI Healing

This functionally covers and improves multiple segments of the network and improves overall system functions. It can detect various network events, assess them and make a decision about the required action.

To demonstrate AI Network Healing functionality, we’ll observe the Tunnels page with several tunnels. Tel Aviv is a hub site, while Madrid, New York and Berlin are spokes. Tel Aviv is also connected to a cloud provider using IPsec Peering. Tel Aviv uses a fiber based connection while spokes are connected using LTE interfaces.

Pending status

When a tunnel is in pending status, it means that it’s not connected and removed from the device configuration.

Network Healing

As visible from the status column, tunnels from Tel Aviv to Madrid and Berling are marked as pending. Hover mouse over Pending to view status.

Network Healing 2

The device in question has public IP / port changing in high rate on its interface wwan0. Sine this is an LTE device, chances are external IP is the same but STUN keeps detecting other ports available for tunnel traffic. If this was a wired interface disabling STUN for this interface may also help, however in this particular case, the recommended solution is to simply sync the device in question.

The AI Network Healing feature will also log this event on the Notifications page.

Network Healing 3

Navigate to the Devices section and click on sync button for the device experiencing STUN issues. This will trigger the Self-healing mechanism and the device will re-attempt to establish the tunnels.

Network Healing 4

Please note the Tunnels page may show tunnels in Not Connected state after initiating manual sync. This is normal and only temporary. After a few moments, tunnels should switch to connected state.