Device Management

Every flexiEdge device can be centrally managed and configured from flexiManage.

Starting vRouter

Once the device has been configured, it is linked to the management system, but the router itself is not yet operational. In this state, flexiWAN has not been initiated. To initiate the flexiWAN router, simply click on the “Start Device” icon.

Run Device

Within a few moments, the device will commence its startup sequence and indicate that the router is operational. It’s important to note that during both the starting and stopping processes, there may be brief disconnections from the management system as the vRouter assumes control of the interfaces.

Running Device

That’s it, vRouter is now running and device is operational!

Stopping vRouter

To stop the router click on the “Stop Device” button.

Stopping Device

Deleting Devices

To delete a device click on the “Delete Device” button. Make sure to delete all Tunnels connected to that device before attempting to delete it.

deleting device

Actions menu

The Actions Menu in flexiWAN serves as a centralized point for executing various commands or actions on network devices. This feature streamlines the process of managing devices by allowing users to apply actions to either a single device or to multiple selected devices simultaneously.

Actions menu

The Actions Menu typically includes several actions, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Start Device - Initiates the virtual router, bringing it online and operational.

  • Stop Device - Halts the virtual router’s operations, effectively taking it offline.

  • Reset Device - Reverts the device to match flexiManage configuration, effectively wiping its running.

  • Delete Selected Device - Removes the specified device or a group of devices from the system.

  • Create Tunnels - Sets up a tunnel between the chosen devices.

  • Create Peer Connection - Establishes a tunnel connection to a third-party or cloud-based device via IPsec/IKEv2.

  • Install / Uninstall Policy - Applies or removes policies, including firewall rules, Path Selection, and QoS settings.

  • Install / Uninstall application - Adds or removes additional software features, like a Remote Worker VPN for remote access.

  • Replace Device - Allows for the replacement of a device with a new one using the configuration from the existing setup.

  • Upgrade Device - Updates the flexiWAN software to the latest version on the selected device.

  • Schedule Device Upgrade - Arranges for an automatic software upgrade at a set time in the future.

  • Host OS Upgrade - Updates the base operating system on which the device runs.