Traffic & Application Identifications


flexiWAN provides the capability to identify network applications based on IP and Ports. By default there is a built in database of imported App Identifications covering popular internet services and their IP ranges, such as Facebook, Netflix, Cloudflare and also ports used by applications such as BGP, IMAP, SSH etc. This list is managed and ocassionally updated by flexiWAN cloud service. The list is read by every flexiManage instance and is pushed to the flexiEdge devices it manages. New applications specific for the organization can be added or existing identifications can be modified.

Traffic & Application Identifications are used with Firewall or with Path Selection policies.

Traffic AppID overview

In case a certain IP range or application port is missing, it’s very easy to add it via the custom App Identifications section. To do that simply click on “New App Identification” button on the top of the page.

In the top section each new custom App Identification requires Category, Service Class and Importance selected. Make sure to choose those to closely match your custom application or use a new category. Later the application identifications can be used in policies of Path Selection and Firewall, by utilizing the Application name or any of Category, Service Class or Importance each (or combined).

Each custom App Identification can include the following rules:

  • IP address or whole range.

  • Port range. Add each rule for multiple ports or port ranges.

  • Protocol. Select TCP, UDP or none to match all traffic.

AppID overview

Devices must be updated every time a new custom identification is added or when the imported built-in imported identification is updated, to do that simply click on the “Update App Identifications” button when prompted.

Update App ID

The built-in list of App Identifications is constantly updated, however in case any error, please let us know!