Device Upgrade

flexiEdge device version is in the form of X.Y.Z where X is a major version, Y is a minor version and Z is a bug fix. flexiManage supports one major version backward compatibility. flexiEdge devices, which are two or more major version older than the current flexiEdge version will not be able to connect with flexiManage. It’s recommended to always keep flexiEdge devices up to date with the current version. Whenever a new version is available, a notification mark is shown near the devices that require an upgrade. In addition, the account owners will receive an email about the new software version.

A flexiEdge device can be upgraded immediately or by a scheduled upgrade. Every flexiEdge version has a limit date. The flexiEdge device must be upgraded before that date, else, an automatic upgrade process will be initiated by flexiManageif on the limit date.

Upgrade now

To upgrade now, select a single or multiple devices and from the Actions menu click on “Upgrade Device”.

Device Upgrade

Verify number of selected devices, version to upgrade to and confirm the upgrade.

Device Upgrade

Scheduled Upgrades

To schedule an upgrade, select a single or multiple devices within the Inventory > Devices and from the Actions menu click on “Schedule upgrade”. Select the date and time for upgrade to take place.

Device Upgrade Schedule


When adding a tunnel that connects flexiEdge devices that are already scheduled for an upgrade, make sure that all devices connected via a tunnel are upgraded at the same time as tunnels may not work between incompatible versions.

Host OS Upgrade

flexiWAN relies on Linux for underlying host OS. Over the time there may be host OS upgrades available. When such upgrades are available, users will receive notifications via email as well as within flexiManage.

Example of available host OS upgrade notification.

Device Upgrade

Available devices can be filtered to view pending host OS upgrade.

Device Upgrade

In order to upgrade host OS, select devices available for upgrade and click on the Actions menu. From it click on “Host OS Upgrade”.

Device Upgrade

Finally confirm the upgrade by clicking on “Yes”.

Device Upgrade

Upgrading may take up to an hour, depending from device specifications. Do not manually turn off or reboot device during the upgrade process. If any issue arises, device can be recoered by following recovery documentation section. Feel free to contact us direclty in case of any upgrade issues at