flexiWAN AgentΒΆ

flexiAgent runs as part of the flexiwan-router service in flexiEdge. flexiAgent exposes shell commands to show, and troubleshoot the flexiAgent operation. All flexiAgent commands are executed using the fwagent command:

flexiAgent help

Get help on any command or sub-command using:

sudo fwagent -h
sudo fwagent <sub-command> -h

flexiAgent components version

sudo fwagent version

Shut down flexiWAN and apply linux netplan

Shut down flexiWAN service and restore netplan

sudo fwkill

Dump configuration and logs

Dump all configuration and logs for support analysis.

sudo fwdump

Force vRouter stop

To stop the vRouter and recover the original system interfaces

sudo fwagent stop

flexiAgent Start

After stop or if flexiAgent stopped trying to register or connect, use:

sudo fwagent start

Reset flexiEdge registration and configuration

To reset flexiEdge registration, without resetting PPPoE configuration which will persist after reset:

sudo fwagent reset

Make sure to delete the device from flexiManage when running this command and reset the agent service.

Reset flexiEdge registration and configuration including PPPoE

To reset flexiEdge registration, including PPPoE configuration

sudo fwagent reset -p

To reset flexiEdge configuration only

sudo fwagent reset -s

Reset the flexiAgent service

To restart the flexiAgent service

sudo systemctl restart flexiwan-router

To re-register a device

Delete the device from flexiManage, and run the next commands on flexiEdge

sudo fwagent reset


Other flexiAgent commands are for testing and troubleshooting. It is strongly recommended not to use these commands.