Supported platforms

flexiWAN can be deployed on the following platforms:

  • Hardware appliances with flexiWAN pre-installed from our hardware partners.

  • Baremetal, see flexiWAN installation guide to install flexiWAN on a supported hardware, after downloading the ISO below.

  • Pre-built virtual appliances for VMware, KVM/QEMU/Proxmox and VirtualBox, download links available from below section.

  • Cloud and VPS providers, see next section for more details on supported providers.

  • Manually from packages, see this guide to learn more.

Make sure to check the system requirements to ensure hardware compatibility with flexiWAN.

Cloud and VPS

  • Google Cloud Platform - see here.

  • Amazon Web Services EC2 - see this guide.

  • Oracle Cloud from here.

  • Hetzner Cloud VPS. Deployment steps are covered in this guide.

  • DigitalOcean VPS. Deployment steps are covered in this guide.

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