System RequirementsΒΆ

The following hardware configuration is recommended for a sucessful flexiEdge deployment and operation:

  • Two CPU cores minimum. 64-bit CPU required, Intel or AMD.

  • 4GB RAM minimum, 8GB recommended to be future proof.

  • 16GB disk size minimum.

  • Two network interfaces are required for flexiWAN. Network adapters must be supported by DPDK and PCIe based. Check the complete list of supported DPDK adapters here.

  • LTE and wireless AP are supported however make sure to use hardware confirmed to work with flexiWAN.

We highly recommend using certified by flexiWAN hardware for best results.

Bare-metal installation considerations:

  • For embedded devices or devices with serial console, make sure to configure the console settings.

  • If using serial console, make sure to configure Ubuntu installer to use the serial interface instead of VGA.


  • VMware products supported, use vmxnet3 network interfaces for best results.

  • KVM and VirtualBox are supported.

  • virtio-net interfaces are supported.

  • PCI passtrough and SR-IOV are supported (through virtualization host)


  • Hardware and software configuration is checked after installation with the fwsystem_checker utility, to verify and fix potential software configuration issues.