North Bound API

In order to access the flexiManage North Bound API, it requires to generate an access key. An access key is generated per account and organization from the Account -> Access Keys menu.

Access Keys

Click on the “Add Access Key” button and fill in the Name and Organization for the access key.

Difference between Normal Bearer Token And Access Keys

On normal user operations, the UI remembers the last organization and permission used. Access Keys, get permission to the entire account and can access any organization with the same access key. This mandate to specifiy the organization to be used on some of the API calls. To see the list of organizations under an account, use the GET organizations API

Swagger API

The flexiWAN North Bound API of the flexiManage is represented by accessing the swagger API in

Once an access key created, it can be used as bearer token authentication by adding an “authentication” header for the REST API. To use the access with the swagger API, click on the Authorize button at the top of the page and copy & paste the Access Key in the “bearerAuth” field.

North Bound API

Apply API

Apply API is added to allow dynamic integration of new device configurations. Apply to multiple devices can be found in Apply to a specific device can be found in In most cases it result with creating jobs that sent to devices. The created jobs returned in the response body as well as a link in the Locaion header to follow the created jobs status. The apply API is used for some of the existing functions. Below are few examples:

  • Create tunnels:

    This example calls to devices apply to create a tunnel between two devices with no path labels.

  • Delete tunnels

    This example calls to devices apply to delete a tunnel by ID

  • Run device:

    This example is applied for a specific device to run it

  • Stop device:

    This example is applied for a specific device to stop it

  • Upgrade devices:

    This example upgrade software version for two devices


Some of the REST APIs call apply internally such as:

  • Static routes

  • DHCP configuratino

  • Modify device