About Accounts and Organizations

flexiManage is a multi-tenant management system that allows you to manage multiple independent and isolated networks within a single account. Such a network can represent a company (e.g. a customer of a service providers or systems integrator) or a subsidiary of an enterprise. As an example, a Service Provider with 100 enterprise customers will create 100 Organizations in his Account, each representing an enterprise customer.

A few things to note:

  • At any given time, a user can view and manage Devices and other network elements of a specific organization

  • Users may be invited to the system and have access to one or more Organization/s

  • You may create Groups of Organizations and give users access to specific Groups

For more information refer to the section Account and User Management.

Manage Accounts

The Account menu presents the account profile and allows you to update it, manage the organizations in the account, enter the account billing information and define access keys. Most of the account information (such as billing and access keys) are available only to the account owners. Account managers or viewers can access information in the organizations level.

A user, if invited to other accounts, can have access to multiple accounts. The user name and selected account can be seen in the top right menu. When a user has access to multiple account, he can select a specific account to view and manage in the top right drop down menu.

Account Profile

Account Profile

The account profile provides general account information. It is allowed to see or modify the company name, country or enable/disable email notifications

Account Organizations

The account organizations menu provides access to all of the organizations in the account. The selected organization is marked in Yellow.

Account Organizations

This menu allows to toggle between organizations. To do so, click on the organization you want to select and then click on “Set Organization”.

Set Organization

Account Billing

Refer to the billing page

Account Access keys

Refer to the North Bound API page