System Notifications

flexiManage monitors all devices and generate notifications on various events:

  • When a new software version is available and the device is running an older version

  • When a device disconnected from flexiManage

  • When the router stopped running

  • When the tunnel round trip time is high (larger than 100 milliseconds)

  • When the drop rate is high (larger than 50%)

A new event is marked as “Unread” and is shown in the Troubleshoot -> Notifications menu


Change the status of a notification by clicking the read/unread button, or select multiple notifications and select mark as read/unread using the “Actions” button.

If any unread notification exists for the account, an email is sent to the account owners once a day with a list of unread notifications. Notifications are kept in the system for a duration of one week.

To disable the email notification, disable the Account -> Profile -> Notifications