flexiWAN App Store


App Store allows expanding flexiWAN functionality beyond the original feature set.

App Store

Installing applications

To install an application, simply navigate to the App Store section from flexiManage sidebar and click on Available. Click on the download button from the available application’s action column to install it.


Confirm your choice by clicking Get in the pop-up.

Installing 2

That’s it, the application will be added to your account. From there each application can be configured and deployed directly from flexiManage.

Installing 3

Accessing installed applications

Installed applications can be accessed and configured from the App Store > Installed section. Note, some applications may not have settings, depending from their functionality.

Installing 3

Uninstaling applications

Each application can be uninstalled from the Installed section by clicking on red icon and confirming the action. Please note uninstalling the application will also remove the feature from all flexiEdge sites.


App Store developer program

If you are a developer or a company and would like us to consider your application for App Store, let us know! Contact us at yourfriends@flexiwan.com for more information.