Sending Commands

Each flexiEdge devices with versions 3.1.15 or newer can execute commands sent from flexiManage. To access it, navigate to flexiEdge device settings and click on Command tab.


Command tab offers several predefined commands and ability to send custom Linux commands. Clicking on Message drop down menu offers the following options:

  • Custom Command - send custom Linux commands.

  • flexiEdge Date - see current date of flexiEdge device

  • Ping - sends 5 pings to Useful to check for DNS or internet issues.

  • 10 sec PCAP capture - both pcap captures will capture traffic on all interfaces on flexiEde device and save to /tmp. Make sure to use second option for VMware if you’re running flexiWAN on it.

  • Restart flexiEdge Controller - restarts flexiEdge router service, useful for troubleshoting.


  1. All commands sent are executed as root.

  2. Each command can be executed for 60 seconds in order to prevent loop.

  3. Use with caution and at your own risk!

After executing the command, output will be displayed in the section below.