flexiManage Login

If you already have a user on the flexiManage production system, go to https://manage.flexiwan.com and enter your username and password in the login screen.


If you are not the owner of an account or have been invited to an account, you can create a new account by clicking the create account link in the login page. Before creating an account please note that there is typically one account per company. If you are offering services to customers, you will be able to add each one of your customers as an organization in your account. Please refer to Account and Organizations in our documentation to learn more.

Create Account

After creating the account, a verification mail is sent to the registered email address. Click the “Verify Account” button in the received email to verify your account.


In some cases, depending on your email platform configuration, the verification email may appear in the Spam folder. Specifically for Microsoft Office 365, the verification email could be blocked by the Exchange content filtering mechanism. In this case, please contact your system administrator to mark the mail as safe or add flexiwan.com domain to the whitelist. Please contact us if you did not get the verification email so we assist in verifying it.

For new accounts, the system will ask to create the first organization:

First Organization

Once the first organization was created, you will be taken to the flexiManage Home page where the flexiEdge installation steps are presented:


You can click on Inventory -> Token page to create an organization token and register devices. The organization token is used for all of the organization devices. This token is saved on every device to identify it as a device that belongs to your organization. The registration is done by authenticating the device using the organization token followed by an approval of the device in flexiManage. The device authenticates itself with the management system using the organization token. After authentication, the device should be approved to complete the device registration process.