Quick start guide

Installing flexiWAN is easy and straightforward, it takes just a few steps to get flexiWAN up and running!

Deploy flexiWAN by following these steps:

  1. Make sure your hardware matches our system requirements and download the flexiWAN installation image or virtual appliances from here. flexiWAN is also available pre-installed from our hardware partner devices. Please contact us if you need help purchasing a preinstalled hardware device.

  2. Install flexiWAN by following our guides. flexiWAN can be installed on a baremetal hardware or virtualized. We offer several pre-built virtual appliances.

  3. Create an account with flexiManage, our centralized management and control of flexiEdge devices. To register, go ahead and open a free account and set up an organization.

  4. We’re nearly there! The following steps are creating a token for the organization and registering the newly installed flexiEdge device with flexiManage. Once registration is completed, the flexiEdge device will show up in your account on flexiManage.

After successfully adding the flexiEdge device, we recommend to add at least one more device and establish tunnels between them. Tunnels can be deployed between sites in just a few clicks, as detailed on the :docs:`tunnels management guide <tunnels>`.