Billing System

You can register up to 3 flexiEdge devices with flexiManage for free. For additional devices, it is required to add a payment method into the flexiManage billing system. The account is charged once a month based on the maximum concurrent devices registered with flexiManage in your account for the current month (not calendar month but since creating the account). Different from typical SD-WAN pricing, flexiWAN offers a simple, predictable and cost effective model that doesn’t charge based on bandwidth. The pricing per device is based on a tiered pricing model (see Tiered vs Volume Pricing) according to the following flexiWAN pricing. flexiManage does not store credit card information, all billing transactions and management of credit cards information is handled by a secure 3rd party billing system.

The billing invoice is sent to the email used for creating the account. It can also be downloaded by other account owners from the flexiManage billing page.

Billing Summary

Every registered or deleted flexiEdge device updates the current number of devices. This number is shown in the “Account Current Devices” number. The maximum concurrent registered devices for each month is shown in the “Monthly Max” number. These numbers are the sum of all of the organizations in the account. At the end of each billing period month, the account is charged according to the “Monthly Max” number and reset the “Monthly Max” to the “Account Current Devices” number.

A billing period month starts on the date in which the account was created and ends at 23:00 UTC at the end of the following month. The invoice is generated at 00:00 UTC.

Adding a payment method

To add a payment method, click on the “Manage Account” button. This button will connect to the flexiManage billing system. Click on Payment Methods to add a new credit card.

Billing Manage