Device Recovery

Each device configuration is kept in flexiManage, and as long as the device is not deleted from it, original configuration can be recovered and deployed again.

The following procedure is used when a device is completely not functioning and requires reinstallation. In this case there is a software issue preventing the device from working and not a hardware issue. While its normal for device to disconnect from flexiManage due internet connecitivty issues, in some cases device system may have an issue preventing flexiWAN from running. In such cases recovery may be required, which will allow recovering device settings from flexiManage to newly recovered device.

The guide will cover the following steps:

  • Identifying a problem device

  • Preparing the device for recovery

  • Recovery process


Device Recovery intended to restore flexiWAN configuration to an existing device. When replacing current device with a new one, please use Device Replacement process instead.

Identifying the issue

For the purpuse of this guide, we will cover a failure where device has suffered a catastrophic issue, a failed hard drive which has rendered device non-bootable.

The problem device is no longer appearing as connected in flexiManage.


While it is perfectly normal for a device to sometimes disconnect to flexiManage due internet connectivity issues, device suffering issue such as hard drive failure will not be able reconnect without user intervention. In cases like such, best way to proceed is to reinstall flexiWAN on the device.

Preparing the device for recovery

After the problem device was identified, upon fixing the failed hardware part, next step is to reinstall flexiWAN on the device. There are several guides on the documentation pages covering installation, so for the purpuse of this guide it is assumed the user was able to reinstall flexiWAN sucessfully and complete the initial configuration via flexiEdge UI, in order for the device to have internet connection.


Important: After re-installing flexiWAN make sure to not add Token from flexiManage, otherwise the device will re-register as a different device or not connect to flexiManage.

Once the device is working and with active internet connection, connect to it using SSH or serial console.

Recovery process

Once the device is back online and working, navigate to flexiManage and to device settings. Make sure that the device is not connected to flexiManage and click on Configuration tab from its settings.


Copy or save the information from the first step of the popup window.


Next switch to the device serial console or ssh and open /etc/flexiwan/agent/fwagent_info.txt using vi or nano and paste the token copied from the previous section.


Make sure to save the token and then run the following command to restart the device control service.

sudo systemctl restart flexiwan-router

After a few moments the device should show up online and syncing in flexiManage.


Wait for the sync to complete and confirm green Synced status.

Finally run the device to complete the recovery process and start using it again.


That’s it, the device has now been recovered and ready to be used again.