Release Notes

flexiWAN is the world’s first open source SD-WAN with a modular and open architecture.

This version focuses mainly on a robust centrally managed network infrastructure. Additional capabilities, among other, multi-link and policy based routing, will be added in the next release. Our next releases will further bring to realization flexiWAN’s vision of an open and modular SD-WAN architecture where networking capabilities are added as applications that run in the router and the management. These additional layers are in different stages of development.

There are two commercial options for using flexiWAN, each relevant for companies with a different set of requirements. Both these options include support services.

  • SaaS model - flexiManage hosted by flexiWAN - In this option flexiWAN is hosting the management system making it a worry free option for the user as flexiWAN takes care of the installation, upgrade, maintenance and availability of flexiManage
  • Commercial license - self-hosting of flexiManage - In this option, the user is responsible for installation, upgrade, maintenance and availability of flexiManage. This option is recommended for highly technical teams with large scale deployments

More on the pricing of these two options here.

Please contact us for further questions.

Supported Features

This flexiWAN release supports the following features:

  • Debian based installation
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning
  • Multi-Tenant Accounts and Users
  • Organization based inventory
  • IPSec over VxLAN tunnels
  • Tunnel quality metrics
  • Internet Breakout
  • Static routes configuration
  • Dynamic flexiEdge configuration changes
  • Improved flexiEdge monitoring
  • flexiEdge error detection and notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Credit card based billing
  • Scheduled auto software upgrade of flexiEdge
  • Northbound API access keys
  • Improved system robustness and quality

More details can be found in the Feature Overview page

Coming up in next releases

We are already working on our next release. Here is a partial list of features we plan on adding in our next releases.

  • Multi-link (WAN & LAN) support
  • Application identification
  • Policy based routing
  • Advanced QoS
  • More NAT Traversal options
  • flexiManage & flexiEdge infrastructure enhancements
  • 3rd party application framework (today we need to hold your hand for app integration)

Please send us your feature needs and prioritization.

Known Issues

List of Known Issues
Title Description
Notification page buttons are not rendered properly on Firefox The icon for the notification read/unread button is shifted to the bottom right in Firefox
Wrong error code when flexiEdge registers with an invalid token When flexiEdge registers with an invalid token, flexiManage returns with “HTTP/1.1 402 Payment Required” instead of “HTTP/1.1 401 Invalid Token”
Tunnels can not be created if flexiEdge did not connect at all to flexiManage Since the router version is learned on connection, connecting tunnels for devices that have not been previously connected with flexiManage may result in version incompatibility
UI hangs on Redis failure When redis fails, UI might hang and not complete the request
During login, the username email is case sensitive The email used in account creation and login is case sensitive
fwagent auto-completion doesn’t work in the installation shell When installing flexiwan-router the auto complete only works if running a new shell
The username displayed at the top right of flexiManage does not automatically update if another user logs in from another browser tab When a new user logs in from another browser tab, the name in the previous tab still shows the old user but operations performed in this tab are in behalf of the newly logged user. To avoid confusion, close the old tab.
vmxnet3, virtio adaptors are supported but fwsystem_checker warns that it is not supported Running fwsystem_checker reports vmxnet3, virtio as not supported adaptors. This check can be ignored.