flexiWAN Release 3.1.1

Release 3.1.1 includes:

  • flexiManage release 3.1.7
  • flexiEdge release 3.1.15

Release Notes:

flexiWAN is the world’s first open source SD-WAN with a modular and open architecture.

Version 3.1.1 was updated on Feb 17th, 2021. This version add the capabilities of LTE and WiFi, flexiEdge UI to simplify the settings and recovery, enhanced troubleshooting capabilities and bug fixes.

There are three options for hosting flexiManage, each relevant for companies with a different set of requirements. All of these options come with support services.

  • SaaS model in a shared environment - flexiManage hosted by flexiWAN
  • Dedicated environment - a dedicated, white-label deployment just for you
  • Self-hosting - self-hosting of flexiManage is typically best for large service providers

More information about these 3 options and in order to understand which of these is best for you, please read this blog post.

Pricing information can be found here.

Please contact us for further questions.

New in this release:

  • Support for LTE and WiFi modules
  • flexiEdge UI to simplify the settings and recovery
  • Enhanced troubleshooting
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Supported and Planned Features

The list of supported and planned features description can be found in the Feature Overview page

Please send us your feature needs and prioritization.

REST API changes in this release

List of REST API Changes
API Changes Backward Compatible?
ALL /devices/{id} - Interfaces Change pci field to devId to support non pci devices (LTE/WiFi) No
ALL /devices/{id} - Interfaces Add internet monitoring status to response Yes
ALL /devices/{id} - Interfaces Add deviceType field Yes
ALL /devices/{id} - Interfaces Add LTE or WiFi configuration Yes
PUT /devices/{id} - DHCP Change interface to use devId No
GET /devices/{id}/statistics Filter by devId No
POST /devices/{id}/interfaces/{interfaceId}/action New API for setting interface parameters Yes
GET /devices/{id}/interfaces/{interfaceId}/status New API for getting LTE and Wifi Status Yes
POST /devices/{id}/send New API to send commands to device Yes
GET /devices/{id}/logs Add new options for hostapd and edgeui logs Yes

Known Issues

List of Known Issues
Title Description
UI hangs on Redis failure When redis fails, UI might hang and not complete the request
During login, the username email is case sensitive The email used in account creation and login is case sensitive
Slow websocket connection during heavy load During heavy traffic load, device connection to flexiManage may be impacted
On unstable/slow connections some jobs may fail on timeout In most cases the system recover itself by re-syncing the configuration